Kinds of homesickness

I’m homesick. I’ll just come out and say. I miss my family an insane amount. In a different way than I did last year. I think I spent most of last semester scared and sad, but I was to caught up in all to miss my family in the way I do now. Last year I missed the comfort and safety of home. I was in a new and scary world, and I wasn’t sure if I liked it.

Now, I can safely say, I love UNT. I love my friends, I love the campus, and I sometimes even like the classes. But I’m comfortable here. I know who I am, where I need to go, who I should talk to. I’m making good grades, and working very hard to reach my goals this semester. Hell, I have goals. But I miss home in a way I didn’t last year.

I miss my job, where I loved my coworkers, I got to meet strangers, and I made good money. And yes, some days I miss the fact that I could con my dad into buying me a drink at Pak-a-Sak (slurpees add up ya’ll). But honestly I miss my family. I miss talking to my mom, in person, where if I was sad she could comfort me through touch. I miss my dad, and sitting down to watch TV with each other. Sometimes I even miss Madi and fighting about how I couldn’t video her.

I think last year, I missed home, and the familiarity of it, but this year I miss the people.

At the same time, I know I don’t want to go back. I know how burnt out I was at the end of the summer, how often me and mom would fight, how much I missed Denton. I couldn’t handle Dumas all the time.

But I do want make a trip home some days. And I sure do wish Denton was a bit closer.

That being said, this semester is going so well. My hard work is paying off. I’m getting involved, but only minimally. I’m growing as a person and as a student. I know that a little homesickness is worth it.

I’m currently reading: 


I’m currently listening to:

Apple Radio has a station called “Soft Pop” which I thought was gonna be slower pop music, but it’s actually pop music from the past. The Beatles, Elvis, Bee Gees, etc. I’m loving it.

Ear Biscuits – A podcast by Rhett and Link where they interview Youtubers and get deep into their story. I have cried multiple times, so that’s fun.

I’m currently watching: 

THE MINDY PROJECT IS BACK. And it’s all I care about. Danny + Mindy 4EVA

But also Project Runway so.

Until next time,

-Carey Grace


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