One Hell of a Year

It’s 11: 12 pm on December the 11, 2016. One of my best friends just tweeted “i had a hell of a year tbh.”, and I couldn’t help but think that I absolutely feel the same way. So let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about the exciting and hellish roller coaster 2016 has been for me. 

I turned 20 this year.


I got a job. Then I didn’t get the job I really wanted. I got promoted.  I got another job. I learned that life doesn’t always go your way (and sometimes it’s for the better). I’m learning about the balance of it all. I leave one of my jobs every day feeling fulfilled, refreshed, and happy. I leave my other job with money. Both of those things are important right now.

I moved out of the dorms. I temporarily roomed with a first grader and a high school freshman.I got my first apartment. I got my first (and second) car. I got a dog. I GOT A DOG!


I got my hair cut by a stranger in his apartment bathroom. I dyed my hair pink. Three times. I accidentally dyed my hair blue.


I read 34* books. I read my favorite book for the first time, I reread my favorite series for the millionth time.

I lost a friend, but barely noticed. I grew closer than ever to my best friend. I rekindled a friendship with another best friend. I had a crush on a boy. I got over the crush on that boy. I met new people. I made new friends, and unfriended a lot of people on Facebook.


I posted 1,451* pictures on Facebook. I worked on an Instagram aesthetic. I tweeted too much.

I listened to new music. I listened to Kanye for the first time. I went to three concerts (Tori Kelly, Childish Gambino, Kanye). I started paying for Spotify Premium. I listened to rap and r&b and pop and country and musicals. I went to a lot of local gigs and supported a friend in his music.

I got my license. I totaled my first car. I made three claims on my insurance. I am not a good driver, and I’ve accepted that. I drove a lot.

I can navigate DFW (dare I say it?) better than my mother who grew up here. I went to Dumas eight times. I went to Lubbock once. I went to OKC once.  I went to Austin three times. I drove to California. I spent four days in the middle of the Californian desert with three strangers and two friends.


I laughed a lot. I cried just as much.

I learned that I cannot do it all. I couldn’t juggle two jobs and being a full time student.  I seriously bombed the semester of Fall 2016. I had to tell myself that it’s okay. It’s okay to go about life differently than how society tells me to. I’ve decided to take some time off of school, and work. Save money. Give myself some room to breathe.

I’ve learned that working makes me happy. That school was not. That it’s okay to take a break, to refocus, to take some time. I’m working on putting my health and happiness before everything else. (The dog is helping).


I’m so thankful for 2016. It was awful and wonderful and stupid.

2017 has a promising feel to it. I am under no assumption that it will be easy, but I believe it will be exciting.

Thankful for my past. Excited for the future.

Until next time,

Carey Grace


I’m currently reading: 

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – J.K. Rowling

I’m currently listening to:

  • Technically, the answer for this is the same as above, because I’m listening to the audiobook, but also…
  • The Life of Pablo – Kanye West
  • Christmas music

I’m currently watching:

  • I just finished this season of Pitch, which hasn’t been renewed which is the cruelest joke.

*As of 12/11/16


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